Learn All About Landscape Lighting Ideas And Plans

Having created a lovely looking landscaped or partially landscaped garden you can take a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction from having done so and as you sit back and admire your creation it is not uncommon for people to ask “what more can I do?” The simple answer is to come up with some landscape lighting ideas and add lighting that will add an extra dimension and bring your garden to life during the hours of darkness. With work commitments and short daylight hours for half the year and especially cold nights in the winter months, we tend to not spend as much time in our gardens as we would either like or perhaps should. Continue reading

Amazing Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Outdoor lighting can provide the opportunity to spend more relaxing and quality time in your garden but in years gone by it has not been a popular choice, until recent times that is. There is a currently explosion in outdoor lighting popularity of all variations from simple additional lights for security to complex landscape gardening projects as people are increasing appreciating that the garden has more to offer than previously thought. No longer is the garden confined to a an empty space in the dark evenings as more and more people are looking to spend more time at home as opposed to venturing out for their entertainment. With a few outdoor lighting ideas you too can bring your garden to life. Continue reading

Amazing Kitchen Lighting Design For Your Home Decor

How to go about kitchen lighting design

Homes with larger kitchens are commonly used as family rooms as opposed to the traditional living room with the realization that a kitchen does not simply have to be a dedicated kitchen for cooking and washing, it can be created in to a most welcoming resting area for studying, playing family games, watching TV, dining, snaking or social breaks over tea and biscuits but in many cases there lays an opportunity to make this special room a lot more special by implementing a kitchen lighting design. As with any lighting, in kitchen lighting design, there is a purpose in mind when it is created which can be one of four types, ambient, task, accent or general lighting. By making use of a combination of lighting types even an ordinary kitchen can become something quite stunning and highly pleasing to the eye. Continue reading

Gifts For The Girl On The Go

Do you have a friend or family member that is constantly on the move? Whether it be work related travel or the luxury of exploring the world for fun, it’s hard to keep track of what city/state/country they are in? Here’s some gifts for your Jet-setting loved ones. Continue reading

Bathroom Lighting Ideas 2014

The average bathroom is perhaps the last place people think of when it comes to be a little more creative in the lighting department as the bathroom is the most functional room and is not typically used socially, that is not to say you cannot enhance your bathroom with some clever bathroom lighting ideas to create a more relaxed ambience while taking a soothing bath. Some people use candle light to effectively darken the room but it is not the most practical solution in a confined space. Toxic fumes from the wax while not immediately endangering your health in small doses will discolour everything in the bathroom over a period of time. This in turn will mean an expense at a later date to replace furniture, fittings and all other items in the bathroom, an expense that is avoidable by using the cleaner and safer option of electrical lighting. Continue reading

Kitchen Lighting Ideas For Your Home Decor

The kitchen is usually fitted with a single, central fluorescent strip light but is often more than just a room in which meals are prepared and cooked as they are frequently used for dining and sociable beverages and chat, and because of the nature of a typical kitchen with wall cabinets above a work surface, the opportunity for creative lighting and introducing some kitchen lighting ideas opens up a lot of potential to transform a functional room in to a superb alternative socialising space. Continue reading