Panic Button

I come from a lineage of anxiety-ridden individuals and to my misfortune, this gene did not skip a generation. My day goes as follows: Wake up, go to work, come home, confront the serial killer waiting in my closet. Seriously – it’s that bad.  Luckily, I’ve found a mate that deals with my nonsensical fears and provides constant reassurance that there is, in fact, no serial killer in my apartment. But, for days when he’s away and can’t pacify my anxieties, he bought me a soothing substitute. Continue reading

Don’t Be Flaky

Recently, I’ve made an unpleasant discovery about myself – I have dandruff. Perhaps my overheated apartment is to blame, or perhaps it’s a consequence of approaching my mid-twenties.  In any case, my casual Sunday stroll came to an abrupt halt when I discovered a small mound of flakes on my shoulder. Being the stereotypical New Yorker that I am, I was outfitted solely in black, making the dandruff’s striking presence even more apparent.  I decided that this was an issue of extreme importance and it needed immediate attention.  So, I scurried downtown and hit a few of my go-to stores for emergency stops. Continue reading

Prescribing Pomegranate

Through the proverbial looking glass, I envision an ageless, Tuck Everlasting situation for my future. No secrets here – I’m trying to preserve my youth to its very last drop. And if you’re a post-grad student living in New York City that has an intervention-worthy addiction to beauty products, then you’re broke… like me. Add to this scenario the exorbitant prices of anti-aging serums and cue quandary! Continue reading

Skin Food: Holistic Hunting

Whenever I get together with my dear friend, Stefano – as I’ve mentioned before – we usually end up gallivanting about the aisles of any and all natural markets within proximity. We smear, spread, and spray just about everything at hand, making careful assessments – all will be judged! Naturally, we proudly display our go-to products of the month, hoping to expose the other to a new favorite. Continue reading

Lavender: De-Stressing the Distressed

With the end of the year approaching and my entrance into the “real” world looming, I cannot help but be overwhelmingly stressed. Deadlines upon deadlines have me wincing at the thought of the next three weeks, but I have an anxiety combatting secret! Lavender essential oil has been used in aromatherapy for years as a relaxant and trust me, it works. Lavender is what aromatherapists call an adaptogen, a natural substance that helps the body adapt to stress and imbalances, inducing a normalizing effect. Here are some great lavender products you can try: Continue reading

Olive Oil Face Masks

Olive oil face masks applied to all skin types but especially recommended for normal and dry skin. Here are some recipes for facial masks with olive oil.

Olive oil contains vitamin E, which does not allow our skin to age. Therefore, a mask with olive oil cooked at home, especially valuable for our skin. Olive oil helps to increase cell regeneration and helps prevent new wrinkles and smooth out the already formed. Continue reading