Whoosh: The Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Motivation to rise yourself from bed can be impossible to muster. But, I’ve found a driving force that will kick off your day. Get yourself going with LUSH‘s Whoosh Jelly. This gelatinous shower cleanser is not only wobbly fun, but has stimulating trifecta of citrus juices–lime, lemon, and grapefruit–that will boost your morale. Uplifting smells such as rosemary and geranium will whisk you from your bedridden daze, leaving you ready to face the world with a smile. The arousing scent alone makes this product worth buying. Continue reading

Smoothing, Soothing Body Butters

When it comes to skin, nobody likes it rough! Pacifica body butters will have you smelling deliciously divine, while providing intense moisturizing. Essential oil blends with tropical and earthy notes will whisk you away to a unique olfactive destination. The exotic scents of the fragrant woods of India, florals of Hawaii, and fruits of the Mediterranean will have your nose delighted. These intoxicating fragrances include Sandalwood, Indian Coconut Nectar, Hawaiian Rudy Guava, Persian Rose, Lotus Garden– and my favorite, Tuscan Blood Orange! And the vibrantly colored packaging makes for a striking vanity prop. Continue reading

LUSH Ocean Salt: The Bath-Time Cocktail

There are a plethora of great body scrubs on the market, but LUSH’s Ocean Salt has a unique ingredient that will leave your skin undeniably radiant—vodka! And this glorious bath-time cocktail will leave you far from hung over. LUSH extracts fresh lime in vodka to make a tincture with strong astringent properties that clears blocked pores. The concoction diminishes the appearance of blackheads, helps rid blemishes, and brightens skin tone. Because vodka is an antiseptic, which can dry out skin if overused, this product is best suited for those with combination to oily skin. Ocean Salt will have you feeling refreshed and squeaky-clean! Continue reading

DIY Lip Moisturizer

Let the craftiness ensue! With the descending of artisan culture and the rise of mass-marketed items, it’s hard to get your hands on homemade goodies these days. And who actually knows what’s being put into factory-made goods? Lengthy scientific names can make reading product labels utterly perplexing. Personally, I love concocting my own beauty recipes to share with my family and friends. Making your own products can be  quick, easy, and fun with guided instruction. Tap into your inter craftswomen (or man!) and make your own natural, handmade lip moisturizer. Here’s how: Continue reading

The Cold Combatant

Being a New Yorker, I take the subway everyday – which means I’m constantly (and unsuccessfully) dodging unavoidable ill people and germs that spread faster than the bubonic plague. And with the chilly autumnal weather creeping in, I’ve developed the predestined, stubborn cold. Continue reading

All the Buzz on Manuka Honey

A long-time friend and I, both Whole Body frequents and natural skincare enthusiasts, grazed the aisles in search of some new holistic remedies. He quickly bee-lined to a shelf in the store and handed me honey (manuka honey, to be precise). Confused, I gave him a perplexed stare. “Tell me you haven’t heard of manuka honey,” he said to me in disbelief. I hadn’t and I was completely intrigued– and a bit envious that he uncovered this skincare secret before I did! Continue reading