Gifts For The Girl On The Go

Do you have a friend or family member that is constantly on the move? Whether it be work related travel or the luxury of exploring the world for fun, it’s hard to keep track of what city/state/country they are in? Here’s some gifts for your Jet-setting loved ones.

1. Baggu Dipped Tote, West Elm. Stylish, functional, and affordable at $45.

2. Earbuds, Kate Spade. Curb idle, airport small-talk among strangers with these cute earbuds, $70.

3. Personalized stationary, Etsy. Keeping in touch is easy via technology, but more meaningful and personal via snail mail. Etsy has tons of beautiful, inexpensive, personalized stationary options, $1/card.

4. Iphone charger, Anthropologie. Iphones are great. Their batteries? Not so much. This re-chargable battery can be stored in a purse to help you out in a crunch- it can restore your battery from 0 to 50%, $38. It is also available for iPhone 4.

5. Agenda, Kate Spade or Lilly Pulitzer. No phone technology can beat the organizing ability (and cute pages) of an agenda, perfect for the girl on the go. $28-36.